NMAE offers rigorous solutions to importers, exporters, and firms expecting to secure their products and establish a footing in the international market. We assist companies to create new import and export opportunities and expansion of existing ones. As a consulting firm, we bolster small and medium-sized companies in establishing or escalating their import & export activities. NMAE helps in

  • Import/export assessment for new companies
  • Identification of potential markets
  • Identification of trade barriers
  • Selection of products for import/export
  • Sourcing of markets and foreign suppliers and establishing a global supply chain.

We develop compliance reports for importers – harmonized system codes (HS code), taxes, trade barriers, customs duties, labeling and packaging requirements and provide import/export performance appraisal and improvement for establishing importers & exporters.


NMAE provide aviation procurement services with suppliers from around the world. NMAE experts provide rewarding procurement solutions to satisfy its clients by delivering quality products and services. NMAE ascertain to consolidate all the requirements and cost-viability while reducing operational costs. NMAE has the finest technical, financial and human resources to augment its service quality. With years of industry experience from aviation professionals, we ensure top quality and are geared to offer an extensive range of products and services in the following sectors:

  • Aircraft Services
  • Helicopter Services
  • UAV Services


NMAE not only manage large scale projects such as terminals, buildings and complex transportation infrastructure projects such as interchanges, bridge construction, rehabilitation and tunnels but also services for small, bespoke projects, including renovations, restorations, and repairs. NMAE also specialize in supplying all kinds of infrastructure construction equipment:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Dump Trucks and Hauling Vehicles
  • Cargo Trucks
  • Ambulances


With the expansion of railway infrastructure, railway signaling and automation activities have become progressively advanced. Utilizing a team of experts of signaling design engineers, NMAE offers cohesive solutions to facilitate its clients’ improve their strategic and operational capabilities.


NMAE provides specialized consultation to its clients in building their alliance with suppliers or interested buyers. Decades of consolidated experience enabled us to assist in the development of business opportunities, analysis of contract terms, the determination of equipment suitability, and in the establishment of long-term partnerships. NMAE assist in the procurement and supplies of Security and other equipment to the security establishments and institutions operating under respective Government Organizations. The consultancy for security equipment is only provided on valid availability of documentations and License Duty endorsed by the Governments. NMAE is widely credited and respected for our innovative solutions by our Clients and Principals.


NMAE has years of experience in real estate development, its expertise includes consultancy in plotting and demarcation of undeveloped land into residential and commercial sectors, in the construction of infrastructure, and in the provision of ancillary services for developing communities. NMAE also provide services as per the client’s choice in various phases of the development process.

  • Acquisition and development of land
  • Planning and Designing of housing schemes
  • Marketing and Sale of large-scale Residential and Commercial units
  • Merger of Housing Schemes
  • Arrangements and collaboration with International Investors for JV and long-term investment

Logistical Consultation Services

NMAE is a premier provider of logistics management solutions and enables companies to ameliorate client service operations and develop lucrative solutions for supply chain, warehouse, material handling, and distribution issues. We offer our clients the platform, tools, and expertise to make informed choices about their product manufacturing and distribution needs.
Our experts work with clients in partnership with professionals across the globe, enabling clients to develop innovative strategies and comprehend the distinctions of individual markets. Leveraging a unique coalescence of backgrounds from engineers, technicians, and operators, we develop comprehensive designs providing a balanced and leveraged utilization of people, equipment and software. We assist in the identification and development of best practices that reduce costs, increase inventory turns, and improve customer gratification.

IT & Software Consultation Services

NMAE provides exceptional software services and solutions, whether customer need exceptional skills for a project or optate to enhance in-house IT team on a progressing premise, the experienced professionals at NMAE are plenarily prepared to address all its needs. NMAE certified team of development and execution inflates its customers existing software investment by centralizing management of its business processes.
NMAE supports its Clients throughout the lifecycle of its Information Systems and Information Technology. NMAE team of Technical professionals, industry operations experts and financial planning Managers helps not only in the projection, development and delivery of application software, implementation but also help with the installations of computer hardware and training Client staff for subsequent administration, management, maintenance and development.


NMAE partners specialize in power and energy sector projects around the globe. NMAE provides services to its clients ranging from planning and design to implementation and management of power plants.

  • Power Plant Planning & Designing
  • Development & Implementation
  • Planning, Design of Electrical Power System and Engineering Studies
  • Construction Management Related to EPC Services
  • Utility Support Services
  • Quality Control and Inspection Services
  • Material Procurement
  • Industrial Support Services
  • Planning, up gradation and implementation of Distribution System Projects including Grid Stations and Transmission lines

Oil and Petroleum Services

NMAE along with International partners offers solution to the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Industrial markets. At NMAE, we bring our Customer the high-quality products in a measurable, cost-effective manner, without compromise. NMAE while keeping its promise with the customers provides safety service that works while helping our clients protect lives, property and the environment.


NMAE’s experienced engineers and staff responsible for developing reliable and high efficiency plan and design utility scale projects from conceptual design to development to operation and maintenance. NMAE provide services in the following fields:

  • Biofuel
  • Solar Plants
  • Wind Energy
  • Up gradation of Power plants


NMAE provide expert advice to its clients about Green Building Systems and other sustainable construction strategies. NMAE’s experts’ knowledge and experience in sustainable construction enable it to appraise its customers on how building green relates to construction and viability. NMAE professionals assist clients in various phases of project development and in addressing sustainability goals throughout design development, construction, and operations.


NMAE hands-on experience in and extensive knowledge of theme parks and the leisure industry. We offer the elementary services needed to develop a project, including initial feasibility study, conceptual designing, master planning, schematic design, design development, pre-opening operations planning, procurement, and project management. NMAE provides assistance in renovating existing facilities, building new attractions, increasing revenues, conducting business appraisals.


NMAE provides services in the mining process and assist its customers in conducting feasibility studies and obtaining legal advice, facilitate in bidding process for business acquisition and equipment procurement. Some of the processes NMAE support are:

  • Design and delivery of Machines and Equipment for Open-Pit Mining
  • Machinery and Equipment for Underground/Closed Mining
  • Technologies and Services for Mining
  • Continuous Transport Equipment


NMAE provide expertise to our clients in sustainable farming, including Livestock, milk and Silage growth and assist in developing manuals and processes for increasing silage growth, pasture management, forage production and increasing milk production.

Consultancy Services for Establishment of Trams, Metro Systems, Related Infrastructures and Automation

Consulting for Transport Infrastructure Projects is an important part of our service portfolio. Areas of activity include tramways, metros and railways including related infrastructures. Our expertise through our renowned principals enables us to provide an independent consultancy service in many of the core mass transit modes. Combining our business insights with technical excellence along with a thorough understanding of investor’s objectives, we through our principals deliver solutions that accord with widely differing demands.

Bulk Supply of Cotton & Linen Based Products

We along with our manufacturing partners strive to lead in creating responses to emerging trends and requirements of the Cotton & Linen Based Products. Being the 4th top cotton producing country in the World, we translate conceptual and customized ideas of our customers into reality. Coupled with highly skilled, vigilant & professional management, sustained policies & effective marketing strategies, we ensure extreme satisfaction for our clients, including Hotel Chains and Bulk Retails, both in designing and provision of finished, Cotton & Linen Based Products.